About Us

The Profile Group is the consulting arm of Promotion Products Pty Ltd. Promotion Products has been a significant player in the field of corporate merchandise in Australia for over 15 years. Leading the way with pre-priced, user-friendly online stores to quickly and easily accommodate the requirements of small to large corporations, government bodies and educational providers, we are now able to also offer a comprehensive consultative service!

For those unsure what branded collaterals would best fit their marketing mix or wanting an array of products to drive their marketing message further, The Profile Group is here to help.

In addition to providing creative solutions for specific events or campaigns, the team at The Profile Group seeks opportunities to help with merchandise forecasting and planning. How can we best assist over a prolonged period to help you achieve better economies of scale, maintain a clear brand vision and identity, and help streamline purchasing for organisations with multiple divisions/ teams or franchises?

We would like our clients to feel like we are essentially an extension of their own marketing team – rather than simply being “just another supplier”.

Ultimately our aim is to properly ENGAGE with you and understand your brand, we then COLLABORATE to CREATE and produce branded merchandise that fits your market, message, and budget.

Engage. Collaborate. Create.