Premium Access Area

We seek to be different, we will listen and work together with you.  Here in our Premium Access Area we have some new concepts that we want to share with you.

Below you will find a mix of unique ideas that are new to the Australian Promotional Merchandise Industry and also some more traditional services and an inducement for you to place your first order with The Profile Group.

  1. APPA Members
    We are an accredited Australasian Promotional Products Association (APPA) member as are the local importers we deal with meaning we are bound by a Code of Conduct and the APPA Constitution. APPA members are reputable professional companies.
  2. The Profile GroupBranding Consistency Guarantee
    Here at the Profile Group we understand that your brand and it’s presentation are of the upmost importance to you. We have a collaborative approach with our clients so as your partner we make this concern one of our focus points.
  3. Compliance Matters Assurance
    We take matters of compliance very seriously, are acutely aware of the legal, social and ethical requirements one should be mindful of when sourcing factories and products, and we pride ourselves on our ability to find creative solutions for the needs of our clients – at any budget!
  4. Comprehensive Range of Services and Benefits
    Our sister company “Promotion Products” started over 15 years ago and has become one of the top specialists in the provision of merchandise through online portals however as a combined entity we are now so much more.
  5. Discounts for Charities and NFP Organisations
    The heart and soul of our business are our talented, dedicated, appreciated and generous staff who have actively pledged that they want to ensure that we make a difference – wherever possible!
  6. The Profile GroupExclusive “Product Effectiveness Index”
    The Product Effectiveness Index (PEI) is a new concept developed by The Profile Group that marries science with the art of product selection. Traditionally product selection for promotional marketing has been made on the basis of what we believe will be effective.
  7. Tailored Merchandise Stores
    Tailored Merchandise Stores (TMS) are what they sound like, but not! Many organisations have merchandise programs and many of these are inefficient, inflexible and costly to manage as those that have them can usually attest to. We have had, until this point, merchandise programs that are 20th Century solutions in a 21st Century marketplace.
  8. TPG Articles
    As Promotional Merchandise is a vital part of the marketing mix, we detail their effective use in these white papers., we are going to be adding a series of articles and white papers about the effective use of these over the next few months. We are starting this off with a look at the reasons why it makes good business sense to give Corporate Christmas Gifts.


Inducements for Premium Clients

10% Off

As a Premium Client there are things we do for you as standard:

Expert consultations
We want to collaborate and create with you but first we need to engage with you. We will arrange a meeting with one of Account Managers; they have many resources and much experience to draw from.  Our goal is to have an open, value-added dialogue with you that allows us to circle back to you with tangible promotional merchandise solutions.

Product storyboards
There are many different directions to take merchandise and one of the tools we employ are storyboards.  We present mock-ups of product ideas to give you a tangible idea of how products will present with your branding.  We can include PEI scores when similar products are being considered.  This a free service for premium clients.

A discount order
The best way to experience our service from start to finish is to give us an opportunity to deliver.  You may be unfamiliar with us and need an extra incentive.  When you place your first order with us between $2,000 and $10,000 (ex GST) we are going to give you a very straightforward 10% discount.  We are confident that once you experience our service a long lasting relationship will begin!

Perhaps instead of a discount a restaurant voucher for $200 would work better for you for the same sized purchase as outlined above?

We look forward to talking with you soon.

The Profile Group
Engage. Collaborate. Create