Branding Consistency Guarantee

The Profile Group

Here at the Profile Group we understand that your brand and it’s presentation are of the upmost importance to you.  We have a collaborative approach with our clients so as your partner we make this concern one of our focus points.  Traditionally, in the promotional merchandise industry, your brand and it’s reproduction can vary between supplier and supplier, you sign a proof full of fine print and sometimes are left hoping for the best.  This isn’t good enough.

We have developed a Branding Consistency Agreement (BCA) that is offered to our premium clients. We believe this document to be the first of its kind in Australia.

This agreement guarantees that your brand will be replicated in a consistent fashion with an acknowledgement and acceptance of your brand guidelines/style guide as a central feature.  If there are any variances from agreed standards we replace products at no cost to you.

The BCA is our guarantee to you that your brand is in safe hands.