Compliance Matters Assurance

In an increasingly global market, suppliers of products which, by their virtue, become
intertwined with the brand of another must be very mindful that they are working with
reputable factories who understand the importance of compliance.

The relationships we foster with our clients, employees, suppliers and the environment
ensure our ongoing success and that of our economy long-term, so we must embody
corporate and social responsibility.

We seek partners who are committed to providing safe products of quality and practice
ethical business principals including labour standards and environmental sustainability. We
also track the ongoing performance of our supplier network and report back to them at least
annually, and quarterly for those we use extensively.

We are also in the final stages of preparing to become ISO Accredited, something that is
rather unusual in the industry here in Australia. It is our hope that this will provide additional
peace of mind for our clients.

Additionally, we hold product indemnity insurance to $20million, which is far higher than the
industry standard, so you can be assured that your brand is “in good hands”!

Our comprehensive guide to understanding compliance can be seen here –