Comprehensive Range of Services and Benefits

When Promotion Products began over 15 years ago, buying online was not the gigantic
force it now is so we were able to parlay that experience in those early days to become one
of the largest and most successful promotional products suppliers in the space with well
over 20 uniquely operating portals to our name.

With the introduction of The Profile Group, a division to specifically assist clients needing
more support with their selection and in the development of stock ranges, we can now offer
an even wider array of goods and service and help to show you why branded merchandise
can really stretch your marketing dollar!

  1. Promotional Merchandise – The use of branded collateral can be a wonderful
    technique to maximise the impact of your brand or a specific promotion. Whether
    you are after a singular economical piece like a Gift with Purchase or a
    comprehensive range of products, we will work with you to ensure you are presented
    with relevant items for your target demographic and within your allocated budget.
  2. Corporate Apparel & Workwear – We can offer an array of suits and separates
    for the corporate market, PPE products for construction and the trades, uniforms for
    hospitality and security firms, and school uniforms. Centralising the supply of these
    items with your promotional merchandise supplier provides greater efficiency and
    economies of scale.
  3. Pre-Priced Online Portals – As mentioned above, we operate over 20 online
    websites with pre-priced products at your fingertips. This provides brand specialists
    with 24/7 access to ideas for brainstorming activities and extremely fast turnaround
    times where required for last minute activities.
  4. Tailored Merchandise Stores – A unique and different take on the customised
    client merchandise portal. These are outlined in greater detail here.
  5. Creative Support & Account Management – As specialists in our field and brand
    custodians for our clients, the team at The Profile Group can work with you to
    analyse your needs, develop unique items or a comprehensive program, and find the
    best economies of scale. Our business is to ensure we maintain YOUR business and,
    in these times, that only comes with quality products and excellent customer service.
  6. Graphic Design Services – We have in house graphic design services to manage
    the artwork approval process, unlike most in our industry who depend on decorators
    to provide this for them. These services can also be utilised to help correct or design
    artwork for specific products and the talents in the team also extend to photography
    and copyrighting.
  7. Offshore Sourcing & Product Development – We work directly with many
    factories in China who our management team visit and liaise closely with. We also
    have sourcing colleagues in Hong Kong. These teams advise on global trends, keep
    watchful eyes on matters relating to compliance and source unusual products for us
    as required.
  8. Packaging – Often seen as the last “piece of the puzzle” in the matter of corporate
    gift giving. Items such as gift boxes, shipping cartons, carrier bags, customised
    ribbons and gift cards and tags can often lift the impact of a product on delivery.