Discounts for Charities and NFP Organisations

It was decided very early on that even though all our customers benefit from our value
pricing policy across our range of promotional products, gifts and clothing, we could provide
additional cost savings for companies who are out there helping our local communities and
working to make Australians healthier and happier.

We have therefore developed a policy for Not-For- Profit Organisations and Charities as we
believe they deserve every bit of support that we can offer.

If your organisation, club or charity requires pricing support please do ask, there is not a lot
of ‘fat’ in our prices but please ask the question – we will try our best to help further.

Clients who we know are in this sector will be automatically awarded very special rates,
explained techniques for economies of scale such a bulk purchasing with split shipment and
invoicing and our “tap on” ordering scheme, and offered discounted or free delivery.