Tailored Merchandise Stores

Tailored Merchandise Stores (TMS) are what they sound like, but not!   Many organisations have merchandise programs and many of these are inefficient, inflexible and costly to manage as those that have them can usually attest to.   We have had, until this point, merchandise programs that are 20th century solutions in a 21st century marketplace.

Launching in early 2018 TMS are going to be different, with familiar features you may recognise they will also incorporate some game-changing innovations that will revolutionise the way merchandise programs are being run.  The web people are finishing-off and testing things here:  www.tailoredstores.com.au, please ask your Account Manager for more details.  If you would like to whet your appetite here are the key features and benefits of our TMS compared to existing models.

Limitations of existing programs

While having branded stock on hand at a third-party warehouse (in ‘traditional’ merchandise programs) has its advantages, customers are becoming increasingly aware of the many failings of the traditional model. The unit cost for each product is typically more to account for the extra labour and administration costs involved in picking and packing individual orders from the bulk consignment. Then there are often additional warehousing, fulfilment and freight charges for the management of the program month-to-month as there are clearly extra costs for the supplier to keep stock at hand and be liable for it.

It takes time to select the products to place onto the range and both the customer and the supplier need to work to ensure movement of the goods. When items don’t move in a timely manner, customers are then liable for the stock holdings even though their end users are not keen to utilise the merchandise in question so there exists an inbuilt “wastage factor” in such programs; rarely is this obsolescence considered and therefore costed into such programs.

Tailored Merchandise Stores

What we offer is a much more cost effective and agile concept.  We still work with the customer to select an interesting standardised range of pre-approved products. However, no stock is purchased so the customer has no financial outlay. Essentially our TMS is a Product on Demand system that utilises the fast production timeframes available to us through our key decoration facilities.  Our TMS offers many benefits beyond the obvious cost savings:


  • FREE website creation including customised imagery and tailored content
  • Tiered, pre-priced purchase levels with negotiated special pricing to offer true economies of scale
  • User friendly, retail style website functionality
  • Consultative assistance to select viable, interesting products for your target demographic
  • Main and sub-category classifications including adaptations for multiple brands
  • Proactive Account Management to ensure your site generates ongoing interest
  • Offering of seasonal products and fast uploading of brand new items
  • Quarterly ’Reverse Auction’ reduced MOQ sales events
  • Multiple User Access with Password Protection
  • Ability to purchase by Credit Card, Pay-Pal, Internal Purchase Order, Cost Centre etc
  • Real Time Reporting for Authorised Personnel
  • Help desk support and training available
  • Returns / Exchange Policy – for faulty items
  • Customer Survey embedded into each site to facilitate collection of client specific feedback

Our ‘Reverse Auction’ feature is an absolutely unique technological innovation that will change the way promotional merchandise is bought in Australia.  Ideal for mid-large sized organisations with multiple product purchasers why not book in a time to be shown this new concept?  Minimum spend parameters exist to make this program work efficiently.