Solutions: Engage. Collaborate. Create

We understand that our clients are unique; your brand and message are yours and are best expressed when you partner with a merchandise provider that has a unique approach. We operate simply.

The simplicity of our approach provides unique merchandise solutions, solutions that are unique and are an extension of your brand and message. Our strap line is Engage. Collaborate. Create. (and that’s exactly what we do).

Engage (to occupy the attention or efforts of a person or persons)

To understand your requirements, we need to understand and engage with you.  Our Account Managers will seek to understand your brand, campaign and message.  This is our starting point.

Collaborate (to work, one with another; cooperate.)

Whilst we are a great partner for one-off campaigns our goal is to become an extension of your marketing department and become trusted team members.  We seek collaboration with you.

Create (to cause to come into being, as something unique that would not naturally evolve or that is not made by ordinary processes)

Our solutions are creative expressions of your message that take your brand to places that other, less imaginative promotional items can’t.

To create these solutions, we have a team of people that have decades of experience in promotional merchandise marketing.  Our experience ranges from Account Managers that have assisted some of Australia’s largest brands to a sourcing partner in Hong Kong and dedicated graphic artists.

You have questions, you will find our answers are realistic, knowledgeable, timely and budgeted.

Semi-Secret Things!

Lastly, if you doubt our capability, we invite you to ask for access to some of our Intellectual Property.  We have developed a premium access area on our website, this is where these concepts and approaches live, you will need an access key to get in; please contact us!

We have married science with art to find the right products for you with our Product Effectiveness Index, our Branding Consistency Agreements are your guarantee of our workmanship and consistency and you will understand that our Tailored Merchandise Stores incorporate game-changing technology for organisations that wish a 21st-century solution to merchandise programs.

Lastly…..we have a very special offer for all first time clients – get in touch to see these semi-secret things.

We look forward to engaging, collaborating and creating with you soon!

The Profile Group